Camp Vertical and Camp Zoom!

Camp Vertical 2017 is full! There is still space in Camp Zoom 2017. If you are looking for a summer camp experience that is similar to Vertical please check out Camp Venture at Brooklife Church!

Camp Vertical

Camp Vertical is a high-energy, fast-paced, fun environment for all kids and is located at Elmbrook Church. Each day hundreds of children will be out in the sun having a blast. We are an all-day program, held weekdays 9am to 3:30pm, for children entering 2nd-6th grade in the fall.

Join us in 2017 for the Mostly Magnificent Adventures of Mountie the Moose!

As the sun rises over the top of the mountain range- Mountie the Moose is on the move. Mountie was (finally) given his first big assignment, but all he’s had so far is a hard winter of traipsing through the frozen tundra and tracking down the terrible Spagg Yeti an abominable villain who has a bad habit of putting his big foot in his mouth. Now that the snow has begun to melt the trail has gone cold… or is it warm? … and he seems to have made a wrong turn somewhere between Way Upnorth and The Rocky Road. What will Mountie’s next move be? Will Mountie be able to catch Spagg Yeti?


Camp Zoom

Camp Zoom, located at Elmbrook Church, is a high-energy, fast-paced fun environment for kids 4 years old to those entering first grade in the fall. Each day hundreds of children will be out in the sun, listening to stories and playing games. But that’s not all… each week will also feature a Bounce House Day, Hot Dog Day and Water Day. We are an all-day program, held weekdays 9am to 3:30pm. Each week is special and exciting because you get to choose your own activity!

Camp Zoom 2017: Kiki and Lou Explore the Northwoods

Kiki and Lou are at it again… This summer they’ve decided to explore the Northwoods. Moose and Mounties and Mountains oh my. This summer is sure to be the experience of a lifetime… Eh?!