Camp Vertical FAQ

A list of the most asked questions about Camp Vertical


Where do I check my child in for Camp Vertical?

Camp Vertical check-in takes place in the north parking lot, next to the large coned off area at 9:00 am. There will be signage directing you to the proper check-in stations. Please note all children need to be accompanied by a responsible adult to be checked-in.

Rain day check-in?

For a rain day you will check your child in the North lower lobby. Your child must still be checked in by an approved adult.

Rain day check-out for Camp Vertical?

Rain day pick up will occur in the gym. To ensure the safety of all children there will be a 5-minute transition period at the end of check out and the beginning of extended care where you will be unable to pick up your child.

What happens if I’m late checking into Camp Vertical?

If you arrive late to check-in, please stop at the Camp Office located in the Gym lobby to get checked-in.

What do I do if someone is not on my child’s approved pick up list?

You can add additional people for approved pick-up during morning drop off by filling out an approved pick up card. You can also add people by calling the Camp office at 262.780.1843

No child will be allowed to leave with someone not approved by a parent or guardian.

Friend requests

Why doesn’t Camp Vertical have a friend request option?

When a child signs up for Camp Vertical, they are also choosing an activity group to be a part of.  When kids are split into groups, they will be split by activity group.  To ensure your kids will be together, they should be signed up for the same activity group.


My child needs to take a medication during camp hours.  Are you able to give it to him?

Yes!  We have a medic on-site to help care for all needs including medication.  For more information please click here

What do I need to do if my child is sick? How will I be notified if my child gets sick at camp?

For a minor illness where a camper will be missing a day of camp you do not need to notify us. For an illness that will force your child to miss multiple days of camp- contact the camp registrar

If your child gets sick at camp the camp medic will contact you at the numbers you have provided.


What does my child need to wear?

Kids should dress comfortably for the weather. Shoes with backs are strongly recommended because kids will be running around. If additional clothing is needed (ex. a dress up day, a water day) a note and e-mail will go home with your child.

Kids are outside daily both in the morning and for lunch and we do recommend that you apply sunscreen before your child arrives at camp.

What do I need to bring to camp?

For most activities there is no required equipment. We do ask if you are not purchasing a lunch to provide one for your child. (Except for Thursday which is hot dog day.) Rip-N-It has the following required equipment… skateboard, helmet, and kneepads. For all other camps you will be notified via a postcard of any additional items/equipment to bring in for that day.

Heat issues?

We have water available at all times. We also carefully monitor the heat index if it is 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above we bring all children indoors.

How do I get information to my child during camp hours?

Please contact the Camp office at 262.780.1843.

Do you offer scholarships or payments plans?

Yes!  We don’t want cost to keep kids from camp.  To apply for a scholarship or set-up a payment plan please contact our registrar

What does a typical day at Camp Vertical look like?

Each morning the kids will compete in all camp games for snocone points. After the game is finished kids are dismissed to their activity groups for the rest of the morning. At noon all kids come to the plaza for lunch. (On a rain day we move lunch inside to the gym). After lunch kids are brought inside for worship, puppets, and large group teaching. Next, kids break up into small groups to talk about the large group time. After small group the children spend the rest of the afternoon in their activity groups. Around 3:15 we gather all of the kids together to share cheers about their day. Fridays are special because at 3:00pm we have a parent show to demonstrate all the fun activities the children did throughout the week.