Medical Information

Medical Information Applies to both Camp Vertical and Camp Zoom


Parents need to inform the staff and supply all that is needed for their child’s doctor-prescribed medication needs. This includes instructions and an ample supply of medication. These tasks are entirely the responsibility of the parent and must be repeated at the beginning of each week the child attends camp. Any remaining medication is the responsibility of the parent to pick up each Friday. Parent will supply instructions and permissions in written form for the staff to follow. Key leaders at Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical will work with the Camp medic to ensure that consistent delivery of medication is a priority.


Our leaders are made known of any allergies your kids may have, and are first aid trained.  We also have a Camp medic (as well as first responders) on site to deal with any issues that may arise.

Nut allergies: While our building isn’t nut free, activities that we do in camp activity groups (excluding lunch) do not contain nuts (including tree nuts and peanuts).   For our lunch policy click here.