Teen Volunteers

Middle school and high school students, this year we are again putting together a volunteer team to work alongside the Summer Staff to help kids have the safest, most engaging experience possible at Camp. If you are in grades 7-12, you’re invited to join us for up to 3 weeks with Camp Vertical and another 3 weeks with Camp Zoom for a total of 6 weeks with us.

Please note that signing up for your weeks of Camp is your confirmation that you are chosen for that week.  Volunteers are not interviewed.

Before filling out the following online volunteer form…

Decide which weeks you want to volunteer at Camp (a maximum of 3 weeks at each camp)
Choose the activity groups during the week for Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical you want to volunteer in.
Be prepared to fill-out the medical/release portion of this online form (if you are under the age of 18, please have a parent complete the medical/release portion of the form)

Volunteer training for Camp Zoom and Camp Vertical is together on June 11th at 12:30 in the Elmbrook Church Amphitheater.

Volunteers (for both Zoom and Vertical) should arrive at 8:30am the mornings they are volunteering at camp. They will meet for a volunteer meeting prior to the start of the camp day. The volunteer meeting is located in the student lounge above the gym. The camp day ends at 3:30pm for volunteers. 

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